Make Your 1st PPC Campaign a Success

  • June 3, 2019

Building your 1st PPC campaign is always an exciting time. A paid search marketing campaign is an excellent opportunity for your business. It can attract sales and new customers. But – like anything else – it needs to be done properly. Here, we’re going to share with you some of our best tips to make your 1st PPC campaign a great success.

Put Your Thinking Caps On

This is the very first thing you do, when you have the idea to build a PPC Campaign. Start by researching your ideal customer. Get to know their demographic information, what other places they like to shop and any other information you can. Start to think about what would appeal most to your ideal customer.

Once you’ve done that, then take a look at Google Ads for keyword research. This is the best place to look, as you’ll see which keywords are smartest to pick.

It’s not recommended (most of the time) to only pick 1 keyword or keyword phrase. Make sure you have at least a couple to start your search with.

Understand Which Keywords Are Best

When you start to look at Google Ads, you’ll realize that every keyword has its price. Some are a lot more expensive than others. It’s said that the 3 top most pricey keyword topics are weight loss, golf and weddings – but there are certainly others that can cost a lot too.

Keyword Research in Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool

Do keep in mind that one or two of those expensive keywords might be a good choice for your campaign. You’ll simply have to choose fewer “clicks” instead of paying a lot for it.

As you look at keywords, it will get easier to figure out which will be best for your campaign. Now, you want to think strategically. How will people search for your product or services, even if they don’t know about your specific one yet? You want keywords that will bring the customers right to your door or checkout page, so you can make those sales.

Organize Your Keywords

Most paid search campaigns have at least 6 keywords. Take a look at them, and figure out if you need to organize them into sub-groups by theme. It makes sense to want to try to reach as many customers as possible with the keywords that you pick, and who they will target.

That being said, it is not recommended to make your 1st PPC campaign too big. You want to stay focused. So if looking at your keyword list is starting to make your head spin, be more decisive and cut a couple of them from it. You’ll be glad you did. It’s easier to run your 1st campaign with a smaller, more efficient list.

Organize Your PPC Campaign Keywords

Be Sensible About Your Budget

Now, when most 1st timers start to look at keywords and their prices, it can get very tempting to think you can spend more money than you originally thought you could. That’s why you need to consider your budget right from the start. One of the biggest mistakes people make is spending way more than they can afford, and especially because it is their first PPC campaign, they are still learning how to do things.

If you work with a professional PPC Managament agency to run your campaigns, you can avoid a lot of the 1st timer “oops” mistakes that people make. This also can often mean that you can run a bigger campaign than the typical first timer. A professional agency will know how to monitor things successfully.

Get Savvy About Your Competition

It’s a known fact: your competition is running PPC campaigns. This – of course – is probably one of the top reasons that you want to do it.

So take the time to study them thoroughly, get to know them better. See what your competitors are doing with their paid search campaigns so you can know what you can do better with yours.

Study Your Competitors Paid Search Campaigns

We recommend you look at a minimum of 5 competitors to effectively do research. This way you will see a good variety of PPC campaigns. Try to choose both big and small companies too.

Create Kick-Ass Ad Copy

Remember, Google Ads text ads are short and sweet. You also need them to be great. Your ad copy should be eye-catching and memorable. But most importantly? It needs to use your keywords, so that Google Ads catches the ad easily and it shows up quickly when people do searches.

One of the best writing tips we can give you for writing ad copy, is to write it and then to put it aside for a day or at least a couple of hours. Then when you look at it, you’ll have fresh eyes to see any errors or anything that doesn’t work well for the ads. Don’t worry if you need to write the ads over a couple of times, most people need to revise their ads so they are “just right.”

Don’t Forget a “Call to Action”

This is an ad term – basically what it means is you want to remind the customer to buy. Tell them to click on the link. Maybe you tell them the sale ends soon and give a date. Or that there is a limited supply. You want to say something that encourages them not only to act, but to act now. So they feel an eagerness to buy.

Design a Great Landing Page

Your landing page should welcome customers so they have all of the information to be ready and make a purchase now. It needs to provide all of the information about your products and services. Your landing page must have conveying content, great photographs or even a video to let customers see it.

Make Your 1st PPC Campaign a Success

Have Confidence That You Can Do This!

Pay-Per-Click campaigns have been around for longer than 10 years. That should give you confidence that many businesses, whether big, small or somewhere in-between, have found them to help bring in profits. This is something you can add to your marketing strategies. Take the time to prepare effectively and then have confidence in your 1st PPC campaign!

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