Local SEO

If you have a business in Houston, Texas – it’s critical you know how local SEO can bring customers right to your door. Because today, competition for customers has never been tougher. Fortunately, local SEO can be a business owner’s “best kept secret!”

Did you know that Houston is Texas’ largest city? With just over 2 million residents, there are plenty of potential customers who need the products and services that your business sells. But they’ve got to be able to find you!

With local SEO, your website is optimized, keeping Houston, TX a top priority. So if you are an orthodontist in Houston, TX, you know that families in Denver, CO are not going to come to your office for treatment. You’ve got to be one of the top search choices when Moms & Dads look for “orthodontist in Houston, TX.”

Not only do we do local SEO for Houston, TX businesses – but we have our business right here, in Houston just like you. We understand what makes this city so great and exactly why you need to connect with local customers. Best of all, we have a strong understanding of your customers – unlike an SEO company that is a couple of time zones away, or even halfway around the world! We’ve been in Houston for 25 years!

5 Facts About Local SEO

  1. If you’re a local business, you probably won’t get found without it. Today a growing number of businesses are online. Doing local SEO helps you stand out above your competitors.
  2. When your customers come from a specific area – such as Houston, TX – it is critical that you add this to your SEO plan. Think for a moment how you do searches online. If you are going on vacation in Hawaii, you don’t simply type in “luxury hotels by the ocean.” No! You type in “luxury hotels by the ocean in Hawaii.” Or “pet friendly hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii.” Not only do you want to find something on the ‘net (a hotel), but you want to find it in a certain location. If the company’s site does not have local SEO, most likely they will not come up nicely in the search results.
  3. Most customers stop browsing after they’ve reached page 3 of the Google results. Again, this is because there are so many businesses online. People are also busy, they turn to the internet to help them get things done quickly. With local SEO, you have an excellent chance of coming up early in those top 3 pages, being found by your new customers.
  4. The bigger the city, the more important local SEO is! Houston, TX is the largest city in Texas. Don’t you want to be one of the top “romantic restaurants” they find when they search? Or “best real estate agent”? It’s entirely in your favor that you have a large customer base with a significant population. But it’s also up to you if you’re going to be found by them, by doing local SEO.
  5. Your competition is probably already doing local SEO. What does this mean? They are coming up higher than you in search results, getting found by new customers and making more money.

Local SEO Works for Every Type of Houston Business!

If you have a business and want to reach Houston area customers, you are in luck. Because local SEO will work for you, with any type of product or service that you might have to offer them.

Best of all, the more you keep up with your local SEO strategy, you’ve got the opportunity to dominate your niche and outpace your competition. In all of your marketing and promotion strategies, don’t neglect the power of local SEO to bring customers right to your doorstep, ready to buy.

Contact us today at [email protected] for your FREE local SEO consultation. As a Houston business, we deeply understand how important it is to optimize your website and connect with your local Houston customers!