Facts About Digital Marketing

Facts About Digital Marketing
  • June 21, 2020

Not only has digital marketing changed in the past 5 years, but it’s the savvy business owner who understands that it is constantly changing. Digital marketing is moving at the speed of light. There will always be changes, not simply every year, but actually every business quarter that you need to respond to.

This is why being agile is so critical. Paying attention to the trends can mean the difference between trying to reach teens of 2020 on MySpace or SnapChat. If you are unsure of the answer, you really do want to pay attention to what we’re about to share with you!

It’s Time to Invest in Your Online Advertising Budget

The consumer of the previous generation was introduced to products and services that they saw through TV commercials. Keep in mind that there are ways to watch TV, where you can now speed through and avoid all of the commercials! Therefore, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on a TV commercial that no one will ever see, is truly a waste of money.

More consumers are on digital media than ever before. Especially on the social media channels, where advertising has become more acceptable and expected by consumers.

In 2017, digital ad spending reached nearly $78 billion dollars, far higher that year than TV ad spending at $72 billion. While this was the first-year digital was higher, it has not been the only year that occurred.

Mobile on Digital is Where Your Customers Are

Mobile on Digital is Where Your Customers Are

Google Analytics let us know everything. One thing they let us know, is that in 10 countries, including the USA and Japan, that there are more customers getting on the Internet using mobile devices than a desktop computer.

Why does this matter? Not only do you need to buy digital ads, but you also need creative that can be read on a mobile device. Many love to look at social media on their mobile devices – that is the #1 activity they do, so don’t neglect choosing paying for social media advertising whenever you can.

Your website should also be “mobile ready” or “mobile responsive” so that people viewing it on their smartphone or tablet can easily see your site. Because if they can’t, your company is losing business each and every day. Those customers are not coming back to try your website on a desktop computer. They are simply moving on to a competitor’s site, that they can view on a mobile device.

Video is Super Popular with Customers

One of the top Internet and social media trends of 2020 is the use of video. How can you use video? To introduce a product, show a How-To video on using the product, ways to make things with your product and interviews are popular too.

Video is Super Popular with Customers
Top marketers understand this and are responding to it, telling businesses that it matters, so you should pay attention to this as well. Programmatic video spend continues increasing year-over-year, surpassing static creative spend.

Programmatic is Found Everywhere!

Now, programmatic advertising isn’t just growing in terms of video. This has become quite sophisticated and rich; customers truly respond to it, so businesses know to invest in it. It’s growing by leaps and bounds and you’re going to want to pay attention to it. Today you can match up with rich audience data and also ad inventory & targeting, to create fantastic new experiences for people. That way your business can develop new relationships with customers. Simply put, your business is going to want to invest in programmatic advertising to build your brand.

Great Marketing is Cross-Device Marketing

Brands that don’t have a cross-device marketing strategy are just going to fall way behind their competition. It might surprise you, but the majority of consumers now connect to the ‘net through 5 online devices – not just 1 the way they used to. So more than ever, it is critical, that your customers have a seamless, smooth experience no matter what type of device they are using to access your company’s website and information.

Great Marketing is Cross-Device Marketing

Wearable Technology is More Than a Passing Phase

It seems that the Internet of Things has created a whole new realm of data which digital marketers can now reach people with. Wearable technology is comfortable, stylish and is also becoming more budget-friendly so lots more customers can access it. Your business is going to want to get in on this cutting edge and stay right on top of it.

Location Based Technology Can Really Drive Your Sales

It’s not just technology that offers potential, but now there is location-based technology which offers great value. You can find lots of unique data about your target demographic base of customers, so you can easily market to them right where they are. Using this technology, you can also connect, using personalized messages while customers shop in your brick & mortar stores, offering coupons, specials or telling them about new products. Industry experts estimate this has a value of $4.1B annually.

Personalization is How You Connect

Savvy marketers are trying to deliver a fantastic experience to customers. One thing to pay attention to, is how to personalize the way you connect with your customers. This can cost you relationships with customers and lots of sales when you ignore it. Experts state that if you fail at this, you will lose 70% of business from the age range 18 to 24-year olds. Understanding how to communicate in a way that truly reaches your audience has never mattered more.

Facts About Digital Marketing

Seamlessness is Critical

It’s not just about personalization, but every customer wants a seamless experience. Whether they shop online, in your brick & mortar store or using their mobile device, it all should be the same experience for them. So that they want to return, no matter which way they choose to connect with you. Businesses and brands that fail at seamlessness are at tremendous risk in today’s climate.

People-Based Advertising is the Current Trend

What we’re seeing today is brands that use their own first-party customer data, to target ads to consumers. This type of advertising comprises more than half of most business’ digital advertising budget. Why? Because they know how they reach out to customers truly matters as to if they will shop with their business.

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