Reasons to hire me as your SEO Expert

Reasons to hire me as your SEO Expert

  1. No SEO Guessing: Prior to becoming a Houston SEO Expert I worked for search engines evaluating and rating websites based on high quality guidelines and the intent of users’ search queries. I evaluated millions of queries and rated thousands of websites, which allowed me to fully understand exactly what search engines are looking for to rank websites in their SERPs.
  2. Up-to-date with Search Engine Guidelines & New Algorithms: Google’s main principle and advice to webmasters is to create websites for users and not search engines. While that seemed to become harder to do after Google updated their search algorithm with the release of Penguin, Panda and Payday Loan updates, it actually made it easier for websites with high quality content and visuals. For that reason SEO became much easier for quality websites.
  3. Website Redesign: A bad looking website is more likely to not rank well on Google’s first page. No need to worry though, because in the process of website optimization, I can also fix and revamp old websites to give them a modern and fresh look.
  4. Trust and Transparency: When it comes to SEO, I believe trust and transparency are very important for a fruitful long-term collaboration. It can take 1 to 12 months to optimize and rank a website properly. Therefore, the biggest issue with SEO can be the time delay. Most of the companies I have worked with have seen results in less than 3 months. But I have also worked with a few websites that took at least 5 months to start seeing results. New and penalized websites will typically take longer to rank than older websites. Google needs to crawl the internet and see constant optimizations of your website before it can view it as an authority deemed to rank high.
  5. Spend Your Budget Efficiently: To stay ahead of other Houston SEO experts I also provide PPC management and social media marketing services, including; Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Apple Search Ads, Amazon Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube TrueViews and Twitter Ads. I always try my best to deliver better results than SEO agencies, for the same or a lower price. Did I mention I have managed over $20 million in paid media spend?
  6. SEO is an Investment: If properly done, you will reap the benefits of SEO for years to come, even after you stop doing it. Therefore, paying for SEO is one of the most profitable investments for any online business.


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Houston SEO Expert

Houston Dedicated SEO Services

While I can optimize and rank websites from just about any location, the SEO services listed in this website are strategically designed for businesses in Houston, TX. Contact me for a customized plan if your website is not based in Houston.

My digital marketing services are ideal to Houston businesses for the following reasons:

  • Experience working with many small and medium sized businesses located throughout Houston, TX.
  • Search Engine Optimization only for
  • Link building only on websites and directories relevant to Houston residents.
  • Familiar with the demographics of the different areas in the city.

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